Provide a safe place to learn and live.

Helping schools provide exceptional care for their boarding students within an active and engaged residential community.

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First impressions last

Present your school as the innovators and set the industry standard. Ensure your parent and student experiences match the vision and mission of your school with a technology platform you can rely on.

Parents and students need a modern, responsive, accessible, and beautiful portal to manage their entire experience. StarRez can be the foundation of this great community by enabling, tracking, managing, and supporting these experiences with real-time data.

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Help reduce anxiety of parents

The solution will help anxious parents have a great experience, ensuring they can select the best housing and options to suit the needs of their children.

Secure data
Parents worry about the sensitive personal data they are providing. Ensure you can communicate that a trusted and secure technology platform helps to keep this data safe.

Resident conduct
A solution that helps your team track the resident conduct means you can assure parents that student conduct is important and will be well managed.

Keep parents connected
Parents need to feel empowered and have all of the latest information to help ensure their children have a great experience.

Nurture a community for students to live & grow

You have an amazing community, now you need the software that can help support a successful community. StarRez can be the foundations of this great community by enabling all of these experiences and data to be tracked, managed and used to support engagement.

Students want to quickly make new connections that could be lifelong friends and networks.

The more events, programs and activities you can provide the stronger your resident engagement, retention and student success can be.

Manage your community at a glance
Bringing it together are powerful reports and dashboards so your team can monitor and positively impact the resident community.

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A platform that supports inclusion

Boost inclusion
It is important to know the historical data and report on how your initiatives are driving inclusion to support your goals.

Detailed data helps you anticipate future trends. Our reporting gives you the insights you need.


Self-service and roommate matching help IMG deliver an exceptional experience to students and their parents

“StarRez is amazing and has been a GAME CHANGER! We love and appreciate all the support and help we receive.”

Jessica Leko, IMG Housing Manager

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Committed to Security

We are committed to protecting the privacy of your data.

SOC2, PCI, Cyber Essentials Plus, FERPA & HIPAA Ready
Our platform and processes are externally checked, and can help you meet legal obligations, wherever you are.
Data Security
We operate a range of controls to protect the security of your data.
GDPR Compliance
StarRez is GDPR compliant and can easily execute a data processor agreement with your company if needed.

 Elevate your offering with software that empowers communities