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Maximize efficiency with time-saving billing automation.
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Simplify and streamline your organization’s financial processes with flexible, fully automated billing tools.

  • Boost revenue with flexible charge schedules
    Gain maximum charge flexibility with dynamic monthly or semester charging schedules that work best for students without risking lost revenue or billing accuracy.
  • Save time with automatic billing tools
    Enjoy advanced, automatic billing capabilities with flexible due dates. From room assignments and assignment changes to late arrivals, early departures, or cancellations, our system will automatically post adjustments and new charges as required.
  • Maximize efficiency with unlimited charge types
    Simplify administrative tasks and ensure smooth operations by automating additional student charges including meals, lockouts, rentals, and more.
  • Safeguard data with seamless integrations
    Connect and enhance your operations with StarRez's suite of integrations including student finance, employee payroll systems, and other industry-leading solutions.
  • Ensure financial visibility & accuracy
    Easy-to-use dashboards allow you and your team to assess and verify charges before they are posted to ensure accurate billing every time.
  • Accommodate student needs
    Cater to all students regardless of their financial situation. With financial aid packages and payment preferences, StarRez’s flexibility reduces late payments and monetary stress on students.


  • Easily adjust charges if students change rooms or purchase different meal plans mid-term with flexible prorate tools.
  • Automate charges for early arrivals and late stays, and simultaneously charge for stays outside of term.
  • Effectively track student billing with a range of standard reports (like our Occupancy & Revenue report) or create your own custom reports.
  • Enable students and parents to monitor transactions within StarRez to streamline communication and avoid back-and-forth email exchanges.
  • Empower students to view their account balance, make payments, and choose a payment plan within the StarRez portal.
  • Enhance your conference season by leveraging prorate billing tools to apply nightly charges for each guest's stay. Take advantage of our standard invoice templates or create custom invoice layouts.

What you'll love most about StarRez Billing & Finance

Our automated and flexible billing system removes the manual burden on your staff and provides students with more visibility and options.

“There are significant, real costs associated with allowing thousands of students to arrive on campus and move into their resident halls prior to Opening Day. StarRez provided a functional, robust arrival system that generates revenue and provides exceptional service to our students.”

University of Delaware

Stronger Tools Support Student Development

Learn how the housing team at Berea College was able to automate billing processes using StarRez to catch inaccuracies and build trust with their students.

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Stronger Tools Support Student Development

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