Rez 360

Empower your team with a 360° view of resident engagement and activity.
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Rez 360 consolidates resident activity, engagement, and housing details into one location, enhancing your understanding of each resident's housing experience.

  • Save Time with Consolidated Information
    Get a holistic view of your resident’s life in housing with insight into their behaviors and communication habits, so you can spend less time researching and more time connecting.
  • Work and Communicate More Efficiently
    Complete basic tasks in a single click, such as approving a visitor, issuing a package, or adding notes for other staff to see.
  • Increase Your Resident Retention Rate
    Track residents' health and wellbeing in real time to create a safer, more holistic living experience that makes residents want to return.
  • Understand Resident Needs
    Provide residents with the support they need. Easily view their complete activity history to identify patterns like frequent incident involvement or repeated communications to make informed decisions.
  • Ensure Accuracy with Resident Records
    Eliminate human errors and ensure accuracy with detailed activity logs that include timestamps and hyperlinks for each resident’s actions or touch-points.
  • Customize Layouts for Easy Navigation
    Reorganize and prioritize the information you need. Reduce the time and effort spent navigating through different pages by creating and assigning custom Rez 360 profile layouts for team members.


  • Resident Record
    Get a snapshot of important resident information including name, preferred name, gender, birth gender, resident ID, contact info, birthday, and more.
  • Bookings Summary
    View details about each booking, like the semester, room type, building location, room number, and contract dates. Easily assign or check residents out of a room.
  • Applications Summary
    Get an overview of the application status per academic year; whether the application has been received or the offer has been accepted.
  • Active Roommates
    Gain quick access to the resident’s roommate’s profile with one click. If there’s a concern or conflict with a resident, you can easily check their roommates’ profile(s) for similar issues.
  • Important Actions
    Easily issue or return packages, view and assign appointments, track and issue resources, and manage visitors.
  • Notes
    Allow staff to add a quick note about a conversation with the resident in-person or over the phone with the option to flag it.
  • Engagement Summary
    See an overview of key interactions, like the date of their last communication and last portal login, as well as their number of packages, visitors, incidents, concerns, interactions, and programs.
  • Activities Log
    Access a chronological, real-time record of all the resident’s activities including visitors, check-ins, concerns, applications, bookings, and more.
  • Group Layouts
    Efficiently customize the Rez 360 profile panel layout to centralize resident information in one place and manage data field visibility to reduce time spent navigating Rez 360.

What you'll love most about StarRez Billing & Finance

Our automated and flexible billing system removes the manual burden on your staff and provides students with more visibility and options.

“Rez 360 view gives us a bird’s eye view of resident activity and engagement, allowing us to measure resident engagement, and apply those insights to redirect operational efforts. Whether through tracking resident time in buildings or completing a resident survey, we now track the satisfaction of our residents and use that data to build out the resident experience within budget.”

UniLodge Australia

Investing in the Resident Experience

How UniLodge Australia leverages Rez 360 to provide a modern resident experience that sets the benchmark for resident housing innovation in Australia.

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Investing in the Resident Experience

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