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Decentralized and unconnected systems often waste time and become a burden on staff. There are many advantages of integrating your platforms. It’s about having one common language and understanding of how your systems operate.


    Integrated systems break down siloed data and reduces the need for unnecessary back and forth.


    Linking third-party integrations helps staff and residents use applications with ease.


    Promoting a single source of information saves your organization time and maintains security.

Integration Needs

Our most commonly used integration points include: Resident Information, Room Assignments, Meal Planning, Door Access, Single Sign-On, Online Payments, and Resident Financials.

Looking for another platform to integrate with?

StarRez has integrated with hundreds of meal plan systems, door access solutions, admissions & enrollment management systems, and other 3rd party products. We can work with your teams to provide batch-file integrations or we have our REST Web Services API available for your team to build powerful integrations and automate workflows.

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