Engagement Programs

Manage all phases of your resident programs to improve engagement.
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Programs allow you to create customised events that you can track and run all within StarRez. You can manage all phases of your engagement programs and use this solution for a housing and human resource management system.

  • Empower your staff to create high-interest programs
    Fully customizable workflows allows you to create and run a range of programs for your residents.
  • Support different types of programs
    Create multiple workflow processes to support different types of programs.
  • Go paperless
    Reduce paperwork and once set up, all users can then register themselves and check in on the day via StarRez.
  • Fast check-ins
    Scan or swipe ID cards or generate a QR code to check attendees in and out of programs.
  • Reporting capabilities
    Unleash the power of reporting to report on programming data.
  • A campus-wide solution
    Programming is optimized for residential programming and campus-wide program management.


  • Use this solution to schedule programs such as staff training
  • Track real-time attendance
  • Advertise, pre-register, and sell tickets to your program
  • Easily print name tags for attendees.
  • Integrate with other StarRez solutions to reserve and issue equipment and supplies for a program
  • Online portal registration process allows for pre-registration
  • Online payment functionality
  • Enabled for document upload and tracking to store receipts, and advertisements
  • Duplicate previous programs to create more efficiencies

What you'll love most about StarRez Billing & Finance

Our automated and flexible billing system removes the manual burden on your staff and provides students with more visibility and options.

"One particular solution that took us to the next level was the Programs solution. StarRez is not just used in Housing it's also used as a HRIS system. We used Programs to schedule over 32,000 compliance and staff training sessions in 2018 alone."

Richard Millar, Cedar Point Amusement Park

Empower your people operations with StarRez

Hear how Cedar Point Amusement Park uses StarRez for a housing and human resource management system.

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Empower your people operations with StarRez

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