StarRez Advisory Board

SABO Mission

The Mission of the StarRez Advisory Board (SABO) is to facilitate the collaboration of expertise between student housing professionals and StarRez executive management in the spirit of driving product development, increasing customer service, and ultimately increasing the quality of the student and staff experience.

I am grateful to be part of the SABO team and connected with an organization that I sincerely believe strives to positively impact the lives of students and the staffs who support them every day. Thank you all for making me (and many more) feel so welcome and valued!

Dr. Mary F. Elliott, EdD. (she, her, hers), Director of Residence Life and Housing, Colorado School of Mines

SABO Goals 

  • Examine current trends and anticipate future needs for students, staff, and StarRez technology experts
  • Facilitate the exchange of technical expertise with higher education professional
  • Facilitate the exchange of expertise on student and staff needs with StarRez
  • Assist the StarRez management team to prioritize development objectives
  • Foster communication between the user community and StarRez development/management team
  • Identify and establish best practice benchmarks for technology in higher education
  • Strive to establish SABO as a recognized industry best practice.

SABO Members

Amal Awini
Director, Housing & Conference Services, Ancillary Services
York University
Brooke Lopeman
Director Of University Relations
PeakMade Real Estate
Emily Belote
Housing Assignments Coordinator
Chapman University
Ken Belcher
Director for Facilities and Operations
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Lucy Roberts
Head of Operations - Commercial Services
Manchester Metropolitan University
Marion Bayley
Campus Manager
Deakin University
Mary Elliot
Director of Residence Life and Housing
Colorado School of Mines
Michael Krenz
Associate Director
Texas A&M University
Paul Busa
IT Director
IQ Student Accommodation
Rona Skinner
Executive Director, Business Strategies & Technology, Auxiliary Services
Rochester Institute of Technology
Ryan Cohenour
Director of Housing
American University
Samuel N. Jones
Executive Director, University Housing Services
California State University, Sacramento
Scott Nicholas
Project Manager
UniLodge Australia

Want to learn more about SABO?

If you are interested in becoming a part of this network or if you would like to know more about our StarRez Advisory Board mission, please reach out to your StarRez Account Manager.

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