Advanced Roommate Matching

Empower your students to build positive relationships and allow your residential communities to thrive.
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We're very passionate about helping resident staff to deliver positive student experiences. This solution allows you to improve resident satisfaction and retention with online roommate agreements.

  • Enhance your student experience
    Enable students to self-guide their roommate matching process to connect with like-minded people and create a harmonious environment.
  • Go paperless
    Eliminate the need to complete, track, and maintain paper roommate agreements.
  • Meet residents where they are
    Allow students to access advanced roommate capabilities on-the-go, on desktop or mobile.
  • Create comprehensive reports
    Quickly create reports on roommate agreements to capture a comprehensive summary of residents' responses.
  • Support gender inclusive housing
    Our solution provides students with the opportunity to self-select their roommates, regardless of biological sex.
  • Reduce roommate conflicts
    Roommate matching produces a higher percentage of successful matches, fewer roommate conflicts and a safer, more holistic living experience.


  • Online student experience to complete questionnaires for roommate agreements
  • Roommate profiling tools
  • Mobile friendly advanced roommate options
  • Agreement amendments in real-time
  • Provide roommates with potential profile match conflicts to review and address as they complete the roommate agreement
  • Track and manage the status of contracts for both rooms and suites as they are completed
  • Evaluate roommate agreement responses and results in StarRez
  • Provide in-hall staff with administrative oversight of the completion of the agreements for the rooms/suites under their supervision
  • Reference roommate agreement responses in StarRez during mediation and conduct meetings

What you'll love most about StarRez Billing & Finance

Our automated and flexible billing system removes the manual burden on your staff and provides students with more visibility and options.

"Room assignment satisfaction plays an important role by allowing students to focus on their college transition. A key piece for room assignment satisfaction with the current generation of students includes being engaged and having a say in the assignment process."

Brady Rowe, Housing Occupancy and Systems Manager at the University of Oregon

Roommate Matching Best Practices

Hear from Katrina Pawvluk from North Carolina State University as she shares her research on what makes a successful roommate questionnaire and how they manage change.

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Roommate Matching Best Practices

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