Enhancing the Resident Experience Whilst Improving Internal Efficiency

Explore how three educational institutions in the UK leverage StarRez to address challenges, enhance staff and resident experiences, and build community.

In this panel-style webinar, we delve into the transformative journey of three UK educational institutions that have transitioned from manual processes to streamlined operations with the adoption of StarRez. Through candid discussions with representatives from Balliol, St. Hilda's College, and Green Templeton College, we explore the challenges they faced, the impact of StarRez on staff workflows and resident experiences, the cultivation of vibrant student communities, key lessons learned, and future plans for leveraging StarRez to further enhance the resident experience.

Join us as we uncover the success stories, challenges, and future prospects of modernising the resident experience with StarRez.


Keeley Mortimer, Deputy Domestic Bursar, Balliol

Garry Luke, Catering & Front of House Manager, St. Hilda's College

Teresa Strike, Domestic Bursar, Green Templeton College


Mark Stewart, Senior Business Development Manager, StarRez

Nicky Ireland, Global Integrated Campaign Manager, StarRez


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