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We help create thriving communities. With over 1300 customers worldwide, StarRez is the leading provider of housing accommodation automation software solutions on the market.

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What makes a community thrive?

Thriving residential communities are powerful and sought after. They're fun and engaging for the residents, and they stay. Thriving communities are driven by:

Residents feel safe, secure, healthy, happy and engaged.

Residents are part of a community and have the opportunity to form relationships.

Great experiences
Give your residents a reason to boast about your community. Make living within your community truly memorable.

Financial success
A thriving community has high retention, attraction, revenue and occupancy.

Easy to manage
StarRez makes this achievable. By making your operations more cohesive, more efficient, and easier to manage, so that you can focus on the important task of nurturing your community.

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Global presence, local expertise
With operations in North America, Canada, Europe, and Asia Pacific, we provide a global presence with local expertise. Our formula for customer service is unmatched as we serve over 800 customers in more than 20 countries around the world.

Whether your operation serves a small number of residents or large scale volumes – StarRez scales perfectly to suit your needs.

The StarRez platform empowers thousands of housing and accommodation professionals to save countless hours of time and resources, ensuring the best experience for their teams and valued residents.

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One of the unique and powerful differences in the StarRez experience lies in the power of our smart, caring and open community! Our community shares and collaborates to create the most dynamic, influential and dominant network of housing and accommodation professionals in the world.

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