Resident Life & Community

Easily track, monitor and manage health and wellbeing to improve your resident experience.


We want everyone to feel safe, supported and connected to their communities and continually evolve our software to meet resident needs.

  • Residents can self-report
    The resident portal offers residents a place to self-report if they are ‘okay’ or ‘not okay’ during emergencies and when the health of your residents is at stake.
  • Automate your workflows
    Create and automate workflows to ensure timely responses for all health and safety matters. Workflow steps are highly configurable and can be assigned to different users within your organisation.
  • Secure your information
    Our security tools allow administrators to ensure that only the right people see the right information at the right time. Secure sensitive information with highly configurable security permissions.
  • Access data quickly
    Full integration with all other StarRez Housing and Conference Solutions provides immediate access to all relevant information in one system.


  • Anyone can fill out a Concern report to flag a health or safety issue. From there, staff can track the situation and assist their residents
  • Anonymous reporting that can be used by all members within your community
  • Collaborative and easy to use features allow you to notify other staff members of incidents or concerns
  • Assign and re-assign tasks as required
  • Automate notifications to yourself or resident partners as data get updated
  • Customize dashboards with real time statistics that help monitor concerns
  • Manage all of your conduct incidents for on and off campus

We chose StarRez as our accommodation software partner because they are as focused as we are on improving the student experience – from the moment they apply, to the day they leave. Our priority was making this a seamless service for residents. They are able to pay and manage many other aspects of their lives online, so why shouldn’t they be able to do the same for their accommodation.

Campus Living Villages

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