StarRez has the features that work for your residential community.

Room Bookings & Appointments
Allows staff and residents to easily schedule, edit, and manage their everyday needs.
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Front Desk
The front desk is a hub for residents. Offer exceptional customer service with efficient tools for residents and staff.
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Resident Life & Community
Easily track, monitor and manage health and wellbeing to improve your resident experience.
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Mobile App
Access information quickly and perform tasks using mobile.
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Resident Self-Service
Empowering residential communities with the next generation resident portal.
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Use smart software tools that can make communication easier and more efficient in resident environments.
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Advanced Roommate Matching
Empower your students to build positive relationships and allow your residential communities to thrive.
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Room Management
Improve your resident journey with an entirely paperless room management solution.
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Engagement Programs
Manage all phases of your resident programs to improve engagement.
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 Elevate your offering with software that empowers communities