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Make decisions confidently using data and analytics. Save your staff time, reduce your costs, and optimize your operations.

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Supercharge your reporting

In this video, our community discusses how StarRez helped improve their business operations by using a range of reporting solutions.

Unleash the power of Reporting and Analytics

We offer a complete range of reporting and analytics solutions to suit any user. Whether it’s real-time dashboards or in-depth custom analytics, we’ve got the tool for you.

  • Real-time visibility

    Real-time dashboards let you and your team answer questions with instant insight into current patterns and trends—not static charts from yesterday’s meeting or last week’s presentation.

  • Prebuilt reports

    Not a reporting whiz? That’s OK. Instantly kick start your analytics journey with dozens of prebuilt reports and dashboards, ready for you to use immediately.

  • Advanced reporting

    Take your reports to the next level with Report Generator. Build fully customised reports to get real insight into your operations, finances and residential community.

  • Get creative

    Design and customize the layout of your reports or organize lots of data into easy-to-read printed documents. You can apply your own branding and look and feel to make your reports your own.

  • Share & collaborate

    Ensure your team is well informed, from front desk to finance. Share reports and dashboards with fine-grained access control permissions.

  • Email, export and print reports

    Create summary dashboards with all your valuable reports and export, print, schedule, or automatically communicate with your business at any given time.

  • Report securely

    StarRez is committed to meet and exceed data security protection standards. You can control who can add or edit reports without limiting who can benefit from the results.

  • Connect your data with Power BI and other analytics platforms

    Our Data Connector solution enables greater analytics by creating a new, easy to report, point-in-time driven database.

Paul Busa
 - IT Director from IQ Student Accomodation

“Without StarRez reporting tools, I would not be able to do my job or support my campus as effectively or efficiently as I do.”

Karen DeMonte, Sr. Systems & Data Analyst

Know your business

View bookings, revenue, and occupancy percentages with our Data Insights solution. This quickly translates your data and greatly assists in your decision-making, directly impacting your retention, resident satisfaction, and revenue.

The StarRez Event Planner

Your data, your way

Our Data Connector solution connects your StarRez data with data from other platforms to maximise insights and intelligence across your entire organisation. Use your preferred data visualisation tools to bring your data to life, making it easier than ever to make informed decisions that can have a real and positive impact on the way you operate.

Empower your residential staff to deliver exceptional experiences.