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Mercury Complete Care

Mercury Complete Care (MCC) is our approach to continuous engagement and support for existing customers and is included with your annual fees.

We find that most customers schedule one 30-minute or 1-hour call per quarter, but if necessary, please ask us about scheduling an additional call.

Standard MCC hours are 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Eastern U.S.) Clients in time zones not compatible with these hours may schedule via the Asia-Pacific (APAC) options.

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Update Your Contacts

Have a new hire who needs to receive information from us? Do you need access to submit tickets on StarCare? Need to remove a team member who has left? Use our simple form to keep your site contact information up to date!

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Better Together

With Mercury part of the StarRez family, we're now serving over 1,300 customers globally.
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Investment into Improving Solutions

With an expanded customer base, we will have even more resources to put towards evolving our solution offering to help your residential communities thrive.

People and Expertise

With our teams joined, you'll have access to even more knowledge and expertise. This includes greater access to materials, tools, and resources that allow us to deliver best-in-class support and solutions for your housing operations.


We are continuously strengthening our network and community base in the industry. This allows our community to have increased opportunities for networking and sustainable growth. Share ideas and solutions to help overcome challenges and help your organizations adopt best practices.

Exceptional Service

We're committed to refining and improving our operations so our teams can focus on what we're here for - delivering an exceptional customer experience.

About Mercury

Residential Management Systems (RMS) was founded in 1994 and joined the StarRez family in 2022. With Mercury now part of StarRez, users have gained access to a wide range of enhanced services, support, and networking opportunities. Mercury and StarRez promise to deliver best-in-class products, sector knowledge, and data security to our global community.

Our team is committed to providing every individual client with top-tier support and guidance on best practices to enhance operational efficiency. We always appreciate the opportunity to connect with our valued Mercury community and discuss the best path forward to achieving operational goals and helping residential communities thrive!