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PortalX: How Our Student Housing Software Supported Users Through COVID-19

  COVID-19 is more than a health and economic crisis – it has been a test of resilience on a…

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Emergency Management (COVID-19)

  We’ve gathered feedback from our teams and our community, identified new product features to help better leverage our platform,…


Great Ways to Virtually Connect with your Residents

  COVID-19 has disrupted thriving residential communities around the globe. We now see students that are either back home and…


Flexible and Intuitive to Adapt to Your Processes

Flexible and Intuitive to Adapt to Your Processes

StarRez delivers powerful, flexible, and intuitive solutions across your housing operation empowering students and staff alike. StarRez supports all modern browsers and provides a fully responsive student experience that can be accessed via any device.

Your Data On Demand

Your Data On Demand

From applications and assignments, to correspondence and billing, our easy-to-use tools allow you to quickly manage all your day to day adminstrative tasks. The built-in reporting, assignment, and mail merge tools empower even the most non-technical users.

StarRez offers the most intuitive, easy-to-use, and cost effective housing solution in the world. StarRez is designed to adapt and evolve as your needs change now and in the future. The StarRez modular solution allows you to pick and choose the functions that address your key business goals. From allocating and assigning rooms in bulk to empowering your students to select their own room and roommate, StarRez can deliver.


Roommate Matching

Student Property Management

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