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Adaptible to Your Unique Business Needs

Adaptible to Your Unique Business Needs

StarRez can be deployed via a combination of mediums: Web Based, SmartPhone, Tablet PC, Client, and other Handheld Devices providing your staff and students maximum flexibility while improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Your Data On Demand

Your Data On Demand

From applications and assignments, to correspondence and billing, our easy-to-use tools allow you to quickly manage all your day to day adminstrative tasks. The built-in reporting, assignment, and mail merge tools empower even the most non-technical users.

StarRez offers the most intuitive, easy-to-use, and cost effective housing solution in the world. StarRez is designed to adapt and evolve as your needs change now and in the future. StarRez’ modular solution allows you to pick and choose the function that address your key business goals.

Cloud Solution

Self Selection

Group Selection

Mobile Deployment

Student Conduct

Group Conferences

Swipe Checkin/out

Fully Integrated

Request a Demonstration

Request a Demonstration

See for yourself how easy it is to use StarRez. From assignments and report creation, to web content management and room profiles.

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