Use smart software tools that can make communication easier and more efficient in resident environments.


Keep your residents engaged via email, SMS, or the Resident Portal by using our suite of communication tools.

  • Manage communications more efficiently
    Use StarRez as your one point of truth and streamline your communications.
  • Stay engaged with residents at all times
    A easy to navigate two-way communication portal that offers a range of efficiencies.
  • Automate communications to save staff time
    Reduce tedious administrative tasks and processes by using automated email and sms solutions.
  • Integrate and personalise
    Our communications suite is fully integrated with all aspects of StarRez or you can use existing integrations with your email and text messaging providers.


  • Support operational workflows and processes by automating communications with staff and residents
  • Create specific triggers to perform actions
  • Easily broadcast SMS messages to all your residents
  • Communicate in real time with our plug-and-play solution
  • Create great looking emails without learning to code
  • Create and manage an email template library

We chose StarRez as our accommodation software partner because they are as focused as we are on improving the student experience – from the moment they apply, to the day they leave. Our priority was making this a seamless service for residents. They are able to pay and manage many other aspects of their lives online, so why shouldn’t they be able to do the same for their accommodation.

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Unlock the power of Automation

Learn how the Automation solution supports operational workflow processes by automating data changes and communications with staff and residents.

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Unlock the power of Automation

 Elevate your offering with software that empowers communities