Room Bookings & Appointments

Allows staff and residents to easily schedule, edit, and manage their everyday needs.
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A seamless way to book and manage appointments for check-in, check-out, meetings, interviews, social functions, reservations, and more.

  • One single experience
    Forget paper processes and crazy spreadsheets, this solutions brings all of your bookings into one place, allowing staff and residents to have one centralized online booking system.
  • Self-service solution
    Free up your staff time by allowing your residents to use a fast and easy self-service online booking system to book their move-in time or arrange a social function within their social community.
  • Extremely versatile
    Whether you are needing a system to create dine-in reservations on campus or to manage employment processes for large scale operations, Appointments is user-friendly and extremely adaptable to your business needs.


  • Online management system for residents to select and change a range of appointments
  • Automatically assign appointments to larger groups of residents
  • Have full control of time and date availability
  • Create multiple appointment processes which residents can access in real time
  • Easily view and manage room bookings
  • Manage employment processes and interviews
  • Schedule regular meetings with residents
  • Mobile optimized solution for residents on the move
  • Dashboard panels for at a glance insight into your appointments

What you'll love most about StarRez Billing & Finance

Our automated and flexible billing system removes the manual burden on your staff and provides students with more visibility and options.

"The true power of StarRez comes from the flexibility customers have to be creative and use tools like Appointments in new and innovative ways!"

Rona Skinner,  Rochester Institute of Technology

Quick wins with Appointment Timeslots

Learn how our Appointments solution has been creatively used by several of our customers to efficiently drive health and safety processes.

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Quick wins with Appointment Timeslots

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