Knowledge is power: Reporting and analytics

Data is your most valuable asset. Learn more about all-encompassing data solutions designed to help all areas of your business.
Advances in data and analytics are transforming the way student properties operate, while freeing executives and administrators time up so they can continue to innovate, set goals and drive aspirations. Robust reporting and analytics tools that surface important data and trends are a valuable tool for every user in your organization. Data is your most valuable asset. Make it clearer, easier to use, and more readily accessible with an all-encompassing data solution designed to help all areas of your business.


Answer holistic questions with instant insight into current patterns and trends through an interactive dashboard. Trends such as occupancy, void levels, rent rolling, maintenance, inventory, and more. With a sharpened view of operations, directors will be better positioned to make decisions around strategic planning, active asset management, resident experience initiatives and overall profitability.


Get granular and use advanced reporting features and scheduler tools to send expected revenue reports on transactions, rent, vacancy loss, and more.

Area Manager

Allow staff to pull fast and easy reports on everyone who moved in or hosted a program, while using fine-grained access control permissions to grant or deny access to critical data based on roles.

Front Desk

Help staff track operational requirements and manage students’ expectations by creating customized dashboards to highlight residential housing activities, flag any potential issues, and allow them to report and share information across their teams.

Reporting in action

Student Property Management (PBSA) provider: Campus Living Centres (CLC)
StarRez solution:
Reporting and Analytics

The Challenge

A lack of visibility into operations was undermining CLC’s efforts to proactively manage facilities, improve resident experiences and create more efficient workflows.

The Solution

CLC deployed StarRez reporting and analytics solutions and created maintenance dashboards to provide better visibility into ongoing tasks across the organization. Building managers created customized reports and dynamic lists for almost all workflow processes including automated payment reminders, application reminders, failed arrivals and departures, deliveries and even student birthday emails.

The Result

CLC’s customized dashboards allow the team to be more proactive in managing maintenance and the overall student experience, positively impacting retention, resident satisfaction, and revenue.

“We’ve found that by automating our acceptance process, we’ve been able to have a higher retention rate of students because they don’t have the time to start searching for off-campus housing while waiting to hear from us if they got in or not.”

Tori Stavenjord, Housing Coordinator, Campus Living Centres

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