Boarding School Housing Software Spotlight: IMG Academy

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  • Exceptional
    Student experience
  • Efficient
    Assignment tools
  • Robust
    Reporting features
  • Established
    Housing software partner
As an elite athletic boarding school, IMG Academy needed a way to offer students and parents an exceptional student housing experience while also providing their staff with the tools to manage both students and campus. Through their partnership with StarRez, IMG has found that students are happier with the housing experience while also providing the latest technology to the IMG staff.

Exceptional Student Experience

IMG found that many parents and students expected access to modern tools for managing the housing experience. Before StarRez, IMG offered no self-service tools for student housing. With the implementation of StarRez, parents were able to register and then invite their student to access the student self-service tools. At the heart of the online tools was the built-in roommate matching functionality.

Roommate Success

Prior to StarRez, the IMG housing staff, along with other campus staff members, spent a significant amount of time pairing students and making room assignments. With the introduction of StarRez, students gained the opportunity to search for a roommate through the StarRez Roommate Matching functionality.

In StarRez, students answer a few questions about their living habits and are then guided to search for other students using the answers to the questions. IMG had the opportunity to configure the roommate matching questions based on their students. The results completely changed the conversation between students and staff – for the better.

“Putting the onus on the student to find a roommate they are comfortable living with was a game changer. When roommates started disagreeing, student's are much less likely to place the blame on housing for the mismatch. Instead they either try and work it out or, when all else fails, request a room change.”

Ben Schulz, Director of Sales Operations

In addition to searching and requesting potential roommates, student are able to start the conversation with their roommates. Previously, the IMG staff spent a lot of time asking students if they could share contact information with a potential roommate. Once StarRez was implemented, students were able to initiate communication via the messaging feature in the student portal without disclosing personal contact information.

Staff Efficiency

Student move-in can be stressful, but IMG found that by partnering with StarRez the stress was dramatically reduced. Previously, staff spent much of move-in checking students in and making room changes. Through the use of scanning in the StarRez app for Android and iOS, the check in process was dramatically streamlined. The actual check in process was cut down to just minutes, leading to a great experience for students and parents and less stress for staff. IMG Academy needed a way to offer students and parents an exceptional student housing experience; that's why they chose StarRez.

“StarRez is amazing and has been a GAME CHANGER!  We love and appreciate all the support and help we receive.”

Jessica Leko, IMG Housing Manager