Mercy Ships Cloud Migration

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  • Speed
    Fast turnaround time
  • Convenience
    Seamless transition
  • Cost
    Finding solutions to cost barriers
  • Mission
    Creating a synergy with our customer's mission
Mercy Ships is an international charity operating the largest non-governmental hospital ships in the world, providing vital humanitarian aid, such as free health care, community development projects, community health education, mental health programs, and palliative care for terminally ill patients. Mercy Ships has been using StarRez since 2015 to manage 2,700 beds across two ships and has finally been able to migrate to the cloud after a year of waiting.
“This change means a great deal to Mercy Ships as we are currently bringing on our second ship and over tripling our capacity to help the people of Africa.”

Ricky Dycus, Mercy Ships

Overcoming Implementation Barriers

“The project has been smooth and seamless. Megan and Angelo are true professionals and know their jobs very well. It has been my honour to work with them both.”

Ricky Dycus, Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships had wanted to make the transition to the StarRez cloud for a little over a year, however, were unable to find the funds given the nature of their charitable work. Recognizing the importance of their global health mission, StarRez decided to discount the migration costs in order to make the migration attainable.

“First, I would like to thank your organization, as a whole, for recognizing our mission and the countless lives we are changing by giving away free surgeries. Thanks to Christina for taking on the effort and getting the cost down to a place where our non-profit could consider a move like this.”

Ricky Dycus, Mercy Ships

Tight Timeline

StarRez and Mercy Ships came together to complete their cloud migration in less than 40 hours from start to finish. StarRez and Mercy Ships worked together to review their technology needs; ultimately, reducing their server complexity and ensuring a seamless transition and experience for their users.

Streamlining Operations

“Having StarRez in the cloud will streamline this operation for all involved, freeing up our time to focus on other areas that require our attention.”

Ricky Dycus, Mercy Ships

While migrating to the cloud might seem like a daunting process, the benefits are immeasurable. In the long run, our fully managed cloud service with help you cut costs and save IT resources, resulting in a more streamlined organization. 

“The benefits are countless, and we are truly indebted to you and your organization. Thank you hardly seems to carry the weight of the gratitude we have for this project. You guys are truly awesome!”

Ricky Dycus, Mercy Ships