Streamlining residential health and safety

Social distancing, quarantine, deep cleaning, contact tracing, contactless operations. Sound familiar? It's all possible, and here are some insights on how.
Our residential housing software connects housing professionals with residents and staff, and allows you to streamline your operations via one centralized platform. Our wide array of products and features have proven crucial to residential health and safety during this time – giving our users the confidence and support to care for their residents and prepare for future challenges.

All of our products are reliable, easy to use and easy to modify. And, with so much uncertainty still on the horizon, we’re doubling down our efforts to prepare for the future. Read on to learn how we’re equipping users for their COVID-19 recovery.

Connecting at-risk residents, even from behind closed doors

Our Concern Reporting solution has been adapted

We’ve streamlined and expanded the reporting process so it’s easier for teams to spotlight and monitor concerning behaviour. And it’s easier for communities to check in on anyone who seems disconnected from their support networks during an outbreak, making it more flexible to support operations using it for quarantine needs.

Video: Streamline resident reports and staff responses

How it works

Anyone can fill out a Concern report to flag a health and safety issue. From there, staff can track the situation and work with the teams who are best positioned to help. As always, StarRez’s adjustable workflow capabilities make it easy to build and re-build Concern forms as situations evolve.

Searchable and secure for sensitive situations

We’ve simplified our referencing systems, so a Concern report, and any related correspondence, gets filed in a separate directory with specific security. This makes the information easier to find and ensures any sensitive information stays protected.

A cloud release to help predict the unpredictable

Throughout all the mass relocation and disruption of the early months of the crisis, our PortalX solution gave users the confidence to get organised and get on with it. We know because our community told us. We’ve kept listening and used the feedback to improve our systems even further.

Sharpening your emergency toolset with up-to-the-minute data

The Situation Response Flag solution lets residents record their status as ‘okay’ or ‘not okay’ during an emergency. It’s a simple add-on but when the health of your residents is at stake it can prove essential. You won’t have to sift through records to collate individual responses or make notes about each case. And safety briefings will be armed with up-to-the-minute status reports to help with clear-headed decisions.

Temporary spaces for quick reshufflings

Our Temporary Room feature, designed specifically to assist our university operators, identifies rooms where students can quarantine in the event of an outbreak. It’s also a great tool for when a room needs some maintenance work, so you can shuffle around living space without having to upend a student’s rooming assignment permanently.

Big changes require easy edits

The Bulk Editing Appointments feature lets staff easily facilitate social distancing measures by coordinating access to public facilities and amenities and adjusting move-in and move-out appointments when people make last-minute plans. You can also use the tool to track, manage and report on facility use and resident activity, so you’ll always be on top of your residents’ health and safety. Read how our customers are using our overall Appointments solution in creative ways to ensure the health and safety of their residents.

Map future living with StarRez technology

If there’s one thing the COVID-19 crisis has shown us, it’s that technology will play a key role in how we rebuild, connect and navigate the future of residential living. Now more than ever, the shift towards the digital world is accelerating. And technology is being leveraged to streamline decision-making processes and workflows for increased planning and responsiveness. It’s also been the most powerful tool in ensuring our people stay supported and connected while physically distant. When it comes to future-proofing your residential community for challenges to come, our software has everything you need to prepare for the unknown.

Download our infographic below for an outline of how we can help you create contactless operations, mitigate risks, communicate on health and safety, manage quarantine and isolation, and assist with contact tracing.

Empowering you to rebuild your residential community

We’re looking at a future where you’ll have to keep making tough decisions. As a housing professional, you may need to get smarter about your move-in processes to cope with social distancing and build an online space for official updates and emergency info. You’ll need to be continually gathering, filing and accessing health and safety data. And you’ll have to work out how to keep giving your residents quality, real-time customer service.

Reimagining the limits of residential technology

The word unprecedented gets used a little too often these days. But sometimes it’s good to remind ourselves that we’re living through a once-in-a-century disruption. Things are moving fast. And your residential community deserves technology that can keep pace with the COVID-19 recovery, however it’s unfolding in your part of the world.

When this crisis first hit, our technology helped our users move thousands of residents to safety while tracking individual health concerns and acting as a reliable port of call for essential information. Now we’re continuing to adapt and improve, because that’s what we’ve always done. We’ll always be in the business of making residential life easier, no matter how big the obstacle.

Elise Draper
Elise is our Marketing guru. She has over 10 years Marketing experience and loves technology, data & analytics, and always enjoys working with our community.


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