PortalX: Housing Management Software Supporting Residents in COVID-19

How housing professionals utilise our PortalX solution to gather crucial information, facilitate movements, and clear safe passages during an emergency crisis.
COVID-19 is more than a health and economic crisis – it has been a test of resilience on a global scale. Residents experienced the challenges of navigating the early stages of this time. They have had to quickly adapt their lives and workflows to ensure their safety and security as the situation evolved globally. As the crisis escalated, many restrictions were put in place, limiting how people live their everyday lives. In response, housing professionals utilised PortalX to gather crucial information, and facilitate resident and visitor movements.

Designed to put health and safety first

As the spread of the virus increased and social distancing measures came into action, Property Managers worldwide were faced with the need to communicate with their residents, gather crucial data and offer support and peace of mind to their residents.

Our customers turned to PortalX to configure appointment timeslots that allowed for tracing communal facilities to organise and manage numbers of residents sharing spaces and minimise crowded shared areas. With their timeslots confirmed, residents could continue with the use of some of the onsite facilities. PortalX's easy form-building capabilities also empowered Property Managers with everything they needed to create, configure, and edit forms to facilitate essential services.


PortalX in action

PortalX's capabilities empower users with the agility to pivot major plans in real-time. One of the key features is adapting PortalX; when the virus was creating new planning and logistical challenges, having this flexibility enabled our customers to adapt quickly.

Being able to support the requirements of their residents, for example, with the PortalX Process Graph allows users to arrange and rearrange portal page functions and be responsive to the changing situations that were arising and also gather important information about residents at each site. The situation response flags that were implemented specifically around Covid have enabled Property Managers to track and trace across their sites and quickly notify residents of potential cases, a key solution being used within PortalX as the pandemic continues.

What is PortalX?

Watch our video below where Travis Knipe, StarRez CEO, discusses how residential housing professionals utilise our PortalX solution to gather crucial information, facilitate movements, and clear safe passages during an emergency crisis.

Your trusted partner

PortalX helps provide an excellent resident experience at the best of times, but it can prove crucial in an emergency. Our housing software has helped users respond to the COVID-19 crisis with maximum efficiency and maximum consideration for their staff and resident communities' safety and well-being. If you're keen to learn more about how PortalX can streamline your housing management needs in times of crisis and beyond, reach out to our team to find out how we can help.

Elisha Ricketts
Elisha is our UK Community Relations Account Manager. She coordinates and strategises on new solutions or business processes.

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