Starrez Becomes InCommon Federation Member

Providing Industry Leading Identity Management

StarRez is the first dedicated student housing software provider to become an InCommon Member. Our InCommon membership provides our customers with the most secure, cost effective, efficient, and industry compliant identity and single sign-on solution available including Shibboleth and SAML. Over 500 higher education institutions are participants and growing.

InCommon Federation

InCommon serves the U.S. education and research communities, supporting a common framework for trusted shared management of access to on-line resources. Through InCommon, Identity Providers can give their users single sign-on convenience and privacy protection, while online Service Providers control access to their protected resources.

A federation, through its trust agreements and federating software, allows identity providers to manage user privacy and information exchange. Service providers no longer need to provision identity accounts, instead leveraging the identity provider’s identity system.

InCommon enables production-level end-user access to a wide variety of protected resources using standards-based, SAML-compliant single sign-on and federating software, such as Shibboleth®.

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