StarRez Announces New Integration with Adobe Acrobat Sign to Enhance Contract Security, Compliance, and the User Experience

Today, StarRez, a global leader in housing accommodation software solutions, proudly announces its latest integration partnership with Adobe Acrobat Sign, a strategic initiative aimed at improving the document signing experience for its valued community members.

Designed to meet the evolving needs of the StarRez community, especially those requiring efficient and secure digital signatures for contracts, the Adobe Acrobat Sign integration introduces a robust electronic document signing solution. This partnership empowers users to effortlessly create, edit, e-sign, and share PDFs directly within the StarRez platform. With Adobe Acrobat Sign, security and compliance are met at the highest standards. Contracts are fully legally binding, giving institutions peace of mind. Residents can now sign auto-generated contracts within the portal, and administrators can efficiently counter-sign using the Adobe Acrobat Sign widget, streamlining the entire agreement process.

Adobe Acrobat Sign is a cost-effective solution that does not compromise functionality. With the new StarRez integration, customers can now enjoy the following benefits:

  • Resident Signatures: Have residents conveniently sign agreements directly within the PortalX interface.
  • Administrator Counter-Signatures: Efficiently counter-sign agreements using the Adobe Acrobat Sign Portal, if configured.
  • Automated Agreement Storage: View completed agreements, which are automatically saved in the Entry Communication section, ensuring a seamless and organized record of all signatures.
  • Legally Binding Contracts: Rest assured that if enforcement becomes necessary, contracts created and signed through the integration are legally valid.

StarRez is proud to partner with Adobe Acrobat Sign, a leading digital contract solution, to ensure seamless contract execution while security and compliance are met at the highest standards for the shared customer community. StarRez is committed to leveraging user feedback and industry requirements to provide innovative solutions that elevate residential experiences.

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Chris Glanzman, StarRez
Vice President, Marketing


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