Using Reporting Insights to Ensure the Health and Safety of Residents

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  • 100+ Reports
    Utilised through COVID-19
  • 12+ Campus
    Partners receiving regular reports
  • 650+ Reports
    Created and utilised to date
  • Enhanced
    Dashboards for senior leadership
Before StarRez, the University of Delaware (UD) used a home-grown system with no automated reporting tool. Six years on, reporting through StarRez has improved immensely and they now have hundreds of reports, ranging from simple rosters to sophisticated scheduled reports, to help support the health and safety of residents.

More than just housing

UD is a traditional undergraduate residential campus with a first-year housing requirement. Half of all students housed on campus are first-year freshmen. Students do more than live in their halls; they take the opportunity to learn and engage as they develop as citizens and leaders.

Ensuring safety during move-in

When UD opens the doors to students for opening weekend, they provide Parking Services and UD Police with reports of the number of students assigned to each area, as well as a countdown of how many are left to move in. The campus partners then use this information to manage traffic flow and staffing needs throughout the day.

Playing a pivotal role in emergencies

During COVID-19, reporting was used to identify students who moved out as a result of the university closing compared to those who moved out for other reasons just before closing, and this was important due to the impact it had on billing adjustments.

They also helped with the planning in allowing students to return to campus and retrieve belongings left behind.

“We rely on data to help our students navigate the many facets of being part of a residential community on our campuses as well as provide information for improved decision making. Without StarRez reporting tools, I would not be able to do my job or support my campus as effectively or efficiently as I do.”

Karen DeMonte
, Sr. Systems & Data Analyst

Our Distance From Home feature also allowed UD to run a report of all students who lived certain miles away from campus to help access the need for storing and shipping student belonging’s. Additionally, over 100 out of the 650 reports UD created this year were utilized to safely navigate throughout the emergency and assist senior leadership in quick decision making.

The whole solution

UD is cloud-hosted and uses primarily Report Generator (V2), Report Designer, and Sub Reports. By utilizing all three reporting functionalities, UD finds its reports are professional, secure, reliable, and easy to use. They can quickly answer questions as well as provide high-level capacity, occupancy and other planning reports to senior administrators.