Managing Projects More Efficiently When Staff Resources Are Low

Learn how StarRez Outsourcing can accelerate projects, initiatives, and assist with staff shortages.
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About Collegiate

Collegiate is the leading provider of student accommodation in the UK and Europe. They pride themselves on delivering exceptional student experiences by creating stand-out living environments that reflect ambition, enhance wellbeing and support studies.

Collegiate is the leading provider of student accommodation and operates in both the UK and the EU. Given there are differences in some configurations across each database, adjustments are planned according to each region's requirement.

Our Solution

Outsourcing is a solution that StarRez offers to existing customers where they can outsource work tasks to a StarRez professional. These are typical tasks that a system manager would carryout daily such as portal work, data loading, and much more.

Collegiate is the leading provider of student accommodation and operates in both the UK and the EU. Given there are differences in some configurations across each database, adjustments are planned according to each region's requirement.

Understanding the outstanding items that Collegiate wanted to implement, our Community Relations team worked to identify a solution that would assist in accelerating their projects. Getting firsthand StarRez feedback and suggestions on configuring their system seemed like a great appeal in early discussions.

"Being new to StarRez it was the difference of having a project manager always to run things by and almost having that StarRez seal of approval across our processes, this makes us feel confident in the system that we are building "

Antonia Berning, Head of Media Production, Collegiate

How StarRez Outsourcing Works

Collegiate use Outsourcing for a combination of work on both StarRez web as well as their PortalX configurations. Having additional support on hand meant that they could outsource work across various projects and have a project manager work alongside staff members in all regions.

The Results?

Multiple projects are now running simultaneously with the peace of mind that internal requirements are communicated to a StarRez expert who can translate this into Collegiate's best configurations.

StarRez Outsourcing offers the ability to accelerate project plans. Having a StarRez expert on hand means Collegiate can tackle more complex project items requiring more in-depth knowledge of the system, an invaluable asset for any organization.

Some of the items used for Outsourcing include:

  • Writing StarQL
  • Assisting with online check-in and student arrivals
  • Utilizing the reservation pro-rate tool to assist with cancellations
  • Dealing with re-booker challenges
  • Ensuring that the correct information is in tenancy agreements and various data work re-quests
  • Creating reports across various regions
  • Having a project manager on hand ensures that reports pull in all of the correct data from the various tables required.

Communication and Instruction

Collegiate always provides clear and precise instructions before handing items over to a project manager. This is key to feeling confident that the StarRez team fully understands the requirements at hand and enables them to offer the best support by looking at projects from a 360 holistic view.

"The team has been nothing but helpful and gone above and beyond to help us; I wouldn't be able to get to where we are right now over the last few months without their support. They have managed to lighten the load and make us feel confident in what we have been pushing out to the wider teams internally."

Antonia Berning, Head of Media Production, Collegiate

Streamlining Processes During Emergencies

Collegiate has felt an immense sense of trust in the StarRez team and the work they have been handing over, ultimately easing the teams' daily workloads. One of the items in particular that Collegiate found useful was creating their online check-in process. This helped Collegiate throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in reducing in-person contact times for on-site check-ins. The team also implemented the Appointments module to assist with this process as part of the StarRez team's feedback. They also created reports to enable site teams to manage the check-in process on arrivals run more smoothly, allowing them to manage their time better and plan their days more accurately.

“Makes me excited for what more/else we can implement”

Antonia Berning, Head of Media Production, Collegiate

Outsourcing for Staff Shortages

The Outsourcing solution is a great way to strategically manage projects, particularly when internal staff resources are low. Having the option to outsource your work to a trusted and reliable expert of StarRez can not only increase productivity across your projects but do this in the most effective way possible.

“Brilliant idea for any business if they haven’t got the resources, or if they are new to StarRez and want to get help to enable them to have the StarRez system that they want to have.”

Antonia Berning, Head of Media Production, Collegiate

Any organization going through a period of growth can also benefit from working alongside StarRez as a software platform provider that enables you to scale up and offer support alongside your growth plans. There is generally a lot more demand within a period of growth, and StarRez outsourcing is an excellent consideration during these periods. It allows you to increase overall resource capacity within the system using the service during these periods and enable organizations to maintain a required service level.

If you have an inquiry regarding the outsourcing service or would like any further information, please contact your account manager.