Leveraging Visitor Tracking To Empower Residential Communities

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  • Robust & Automated
    Reporting tools to ensure accurate visitor tracking
  • Expedite
    Visitor check-in with electronic passes
  • Powerful
    Mobile property management solution
  • Enhanced
    Resident well-being & safety
Forrest Finkler, Senior Associate Director of Housing at UMass Lowell, expanded on his team’s experience using StarRez Visitor Tracking to create, monitor, and report on their robust visitor tracking program. UMass Lowell tracks all residential visitors after 5pm utilizing electronic visitor passes created in StarRez and monitors guest visits with daily individualized, automated reporting.

Powerful mobile property management tools

UMass Lowell utilizes StarRez mobile applications to ensure easy access for all team members across campus. The campus hosts over 50 iPads and iPhones deployed with the StarRez housing application for several uses, including managing visitor tracking and access to ensure residential well-being and safety across campus. UMass-Lowell uses Visitor Tracking to register, sign-in, and track visitors. Each residential entry door is equipped with an access control system that validates student ID cards and electronic visitor passes for building access.

Electronic Guest Passes

Students must pre-register guests on PortalX before any visitors arrive to campus. The portal allows residents to log into their portal to submit a visitor pass prior to guest arrival. Upon submission, students must acknowledge and agree to the campus visitor policy. Once the guest pass is submitted, the resident is sent an electronic visitor pass for the guest to use for building entry without having to manually sign-in at the residential welcome desk. Upon arrival, the visitor must verify that their identity matches the credentials in the visitor pass.

“We used to check in visitors manually (on paper) that took about 1-1.5 minutes. Now with StarRez Visitor Tracking, it takes about 10 seconds to check in visitors. Which in return creates a streamlined, efficient process for our communities and reduces lines at the front desks.”

-Forrest Finkler, Senior Associate Director of Housing at UMass Lowell

Powerful automated reporting

The team at UMass Lowell has utilized built-in reporting tools to monitor resident and guest activity. UMass Lowell also created custom reports and dashboards to provide residential staff with weekly visitor reports that details residents, guest information, arrival, and departure times.

Automatic emails are deployed to the student and registered visitor each morning at 7am alerting them that their visitor status has expired. The guest must depart the residential hall, or the student must register the guest for an extended time.

StarRez automation allows for weekly visitor reports to be generated on a set schedule that provides residential activity information for hall staff to review on a weekly basis. Weekly Visitor Reports detail pertinent information such as resident name, room number, visitor name, date, student ID number, visitor type, and visitor status. Users can adjust customized reports to tailor to staff needs and their institution’s guest policy.

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