Improving Campus Operations with Mobile Devices

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Due to increasing growth, Deakin University needed all its administration and program support staff a means to quickly access student information on the go. Using the StarRez iPhone application, for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad have allowed instant access to important resident information.
“StarRez has enabled our staff to truly work remotely with resident information available at our finger-tips. It is amazing to think that we have gone without for so long and look forward to where StarRez can take us into the future. ”

Richard Grey, Deakin University


  • Provide administration and program support staff instant access to crucial resident information.
  • Decrease the amount of time staff are spending performing administration tasks.
  • Make the check in and out processes more streamlined and seamless for residents.


  • Provided administration and program support staff with mobile technology solution that significantly enhanced their ability to access accurate resident information.
  • Significantly decreased the administration workload of administrative staff.
  • Implemented automatically generated reporting alerts to resident staff regarding important information on a resident issue that occurred outside of business hours.
  • Provided the ability for lock-out situations to be easily dealt with, ensuring to accurately identify a resident and grant access to the authorized room.


  • Core Housing Management
  • StarRez Portal Including: Online Payments, Contract Signature, Maintenance and Inventory Management
  • StarRez Incident Modules
  • StarRez iPhone App (Directory & Fast Check In/Out)
  • StarRez Rooms iPhone Application (Maintenance, Inventory and Housekeeping)