Crafting Unique Resident Experiences with the Geneva Graduate Institute

Learn how The Geneva Graduate Institute invested in the future of their accommodation offerings.
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Key Highlights

Diverse Needs

Creating supporting processes and flexibility to service diverse resident populations.

Efficient Systems

Transitioning to a robust software platform for a centralized operating ecosystem.

Tailored Experiences

Designing booking procedures for both long-term stays and short-term accommodations.

Maximized Productivity

Equipping staff with resources to allocate time to prioritizing resident satisfaction.

The Geneva Graduate Institute
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The Geneva Graduate Institute is a government-accredited postgraduate institution of higher education located in Geneva, Switzerland. The Geneva Graduate Institute is a pioneer in the exploration of global issues. Through their core missions – academic research, teaching, expertise and forum activities – they produce and share knowledge on international relations, development issues, global challenges, and governance. The Institute has student residential properties managed in three separate locations. Since the construction of the Institute’s headquarters called Maison de la Paix in 2013, real estate revenues have become a major source of income, critical to the operation of the Institution. The Institute offers both short-and long-term accommodation contracts to students, teachers, and other guests of the Institution.

Understanding Effective Community Needs

The Geneva Graduate Institute is a higher education pioneer in the exploration of global issues. The Institute has 1,278 registered students that represent 100 nationalities from Asia, Europe, North America, Switzerland, Latin America, Africa, and Oceania. With a community that shares common values, the Institute promises to offer a unique student experience that reflects the academic rigor applied to concrete global issues that will prepare students for a successful international career. To streamline resident and staff satisfaction, manage a variety of program offerings, and boost revenue generation, the Institute was in the market for a property management system that would future-proof operations for the Institution. As real estate is the driving force behind main revenue for the Institution, it was important for the team to identify and improve systems and processes that inherently tie to the success of the community’s satisfaction and promote retention from one year to the next.

The Institute previously used a property management software that was not equipped to manage residential properties and residents in a way that promoted overall satisfaction for the residents and the staff. The Institute’s operations prior to StarRez involved a cumbersome manual process that left little to no interaction with guest end-users in the software. In addition, the lack of IT workload efficiency caused work processes to be inefficient. For example, a booking entry for one resident would take up to 10 minutes, with up to 400 residents per staff member. That means each staff member was spending 60+ hours on booking entries alone.

Additionally, trying to manage a variety of programs, terms, length of stays, and the increasing differences of resident needs and requirements caused a very cumbersome management workflow. As the variety of needs within the residential community increased, the attention to detail decreased. The antiquated hands-on approach with the booking, contract, and payment processes caused a cascading negative effect among residents. Thus, running the risk of losing guests and affecting revenues.

Crafting the Future of Accommodations

For the Institute to address the antiquated processes that hindered the anticipated growth of the organization, the team selected a new partner, StarRez, to help support their efforts in creating the ultimate experience for residents and staff. The goal of this transition was to use intuitive tools to leverage the Institute’s real estate properties as positive brand recognition and revenue generation while also increasing satisfaction amongst the community.

“The implementation of StarRez is a game changer for our daily student residence operations.”

David Gaymard, Director of Real Estate, Geneva Graduate Institute

Transitioning to a smart software solution will allow the Institute to continue upward momentum in providing a valuable, engaging, and important experience for their students. Through their implementation, the team is focusing on areas that support future growth and enrollment. They are actively improving the resident experience through personal interactions and streamlined processes and operational procedures. Additionally, there will be major focus on how staff work with the software to effectively maximize productivity, freeing up time to prioritize resident satisfaction.

Seamless Solutions for Continued Excellence

The integration of StarRez at the Geneva Graduate Institute has yielded remarkable outcomes, transformed their operational landscape, and elevated the experience for all residents and staff involved. The tailored booking procedures, designed for both long-term stays and short-term accommodations, have streamlined the reservation process, ensuring that each resident's unique needs are met.

A pivotal achievement arising from this implementation is the comprehensive reconciliation of all financial transactions within the StarRez product. Through their online payment tool, deposits, rents, charges, and refunds are seamlessly managed and tracked with Billing and Finance, establishing a level of transparency for residents that did not previously exist. This heightened financial transparency mirrors the overarching commitment to clarity that extends throughout the institution, enhancing trust and supporting a sense of confidence among residents.

Furthermore, the centralization and integration of multiple operational processes within StarRez have created an efficient ecosystem, serving as a convenient one-stop shop for both the Institute team and their residents. Staff members are now trained and equipped to use a singular platform, enabling the seamless sharing of information and knowledge. As a result, the team has more time to focus on enriching residents’ satisfaction and providing exceptional assistance.

“This new approach with StarRez provides flexibility to serve any guest that resides with us. We can now offer a unique experience that is tailored to the resident because we have the tools and support to sustain this level of commitment. This transformation has not only bolstered our institution's attractiveness but has positioned us as a competitive frontrunner in the realm of student accommodations.”

David Gaymard, Director of Real Estate, Geneva Graduate Institute

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