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StarRez provides a powerful technology platform and relationships with the largest global community of customers and residents.

Grow your business

Our exclusive StarRez Global Partnership Program and Marketplace combines our strengths with those of our partners, to provide stronger experiences for our community.

Access over 1,300 customers
StarRez builds strategic partnerships to support the diverse needs of our global community, with a wide range of top solutions in the industry. 

Grow your business
Our network of trusted customers and residents around the world, make StarRez a valuable partner for generating new leads and opportunities.

Gain a competitive advantage
Together with our partners, we deliver a sustainable competitive advantage and extend tremendous value to our users and residents. 

Types of Partners

Together with our Partners, we provide customers with industry and solution expertise, ensuring the best support and the most comprehensive solutions on the market.

Solution Partners: provide leading solutions, apps and integrations available in the StarRez Market Place, that extend the power of StarRez products.

Strategic Integration Partners: make it easier for your our customers to utilize your most mission-critical tools and services that integrate with StarRez products.

Marketplace Partners: provide solutions, apps and integrations available for purchase in the StarRez Marketplace, that extend the power of StarRez products.

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