Supporting gender inclusivity with roommate matching

Learn how gender-inclusive roommate matching is impacting the housing application process by creating a welcoming residential experience.
Taking a gender-inclusive approach to student housing both accommodates and respects the complexities of gender identity and the individual while creating a welcoming and safe residential experience.‍

For many students, completing a housing application is the exciting first step to living in a student community. But for students who do not identify on the gender binary, it can be incredibly stressful. This is why gender-inclusive housing policies are being adopted by universities and residential living spaces.

Gender-inclusive roommate matching is one impactful way that universities are supporting and showing acceptance for all student gender identities. Knowing that same-sex room assignments are not appropriate for all students, gender-inclusive roommate matching provides students with the opportunity to self-select their roommates, regardless of biological sex.

“Allowing students to select gender-inclusive housing options at the very beginning in the application process has been a huge success and residents are happy that they can self-select their roommates and rooms on the portal. Staff are also very pleased that they no longer have to track special requests. We strive for inclusivity in all our processes and StarRez helped us achieve this goal.”

Rona Skinner
Director, Technology & Business Analytics, RIT

How roommate matching works

Complete application

Students complete their housing application online, which includes answering a set of questions around lifestyle, room preference and academic interest.

Self-select a roommate

Students can search by best overall match or focus on the items that are most important to the individual, such as lifestyle, hobbies, guests, hometown and tailored questions around gender-identity.


Providing a more personalized approach to roommate matching produces a higher percentage of successful matches, fewer roommate conflicts and a safer, more holistic living experience for all students.

Advanced Roommate Matching

We're very passionate about helping resident staff to deliver positive student experiences. This solution allows you to improve resident satisfaction and retention with online roommate agreements.

Learn more about our Roommate Matching solution.

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