Stay ahead of the cybersecurity curve

With cyber attacks growing in frequency and severity, here are some key considerations when choosing a safe and secure software solution.
Using a management platform that enhances the resident experience and creates efficiencies for the entire management team is important. But with attacks growing in frequency and severity, meeting your compliance and security needs is equally critical.

Considerations when choosing safe and secure software

System compliance and security

  • Your software platform must comply with the relevant privacy and security laws in your local region. Inadequate protection could result in data breaches and fines.
    Action > Look for a provider that meets the following legislation: GDPR if you have EU residents, CRPA if you have Californian residents, and PIPL if you have Chinese residents.
  • If you take payments, such as collecting rent, ensure your service provider is compliant with payment standards.
    Action > Look for PCIDSS, the global payment standard, and in the US keep an eye out for SOC2, a cloud security certification required by a lot of US institutions.
  • Your solution should provide the ability to restrict what users can view, only giving people access to the data required to do their job.
    Action > Look for integration into systems such as Active Directory and Identity Management platforms to further secure system access, permissions, on and off boarding.


  • Today we expect our technology to work. Always and under all circumstances. Interruptions to service can be hugely disruptive and impact resident satisfaction and team efficiency.
    Action > Insist your Service Level Agreement (SLA) includes a benchmark of 99.95% reliability.


  • As a level one PCI service provider, StarRez understands the importance of planning ahead to reduce security risk.
    ‍Action > Ensuring your service provider partners with certified and trusted companies, such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, ensures you can mitigate most physical and infrastructure risks associated with software.
“Choosing a SaaS partner comes with a host of benefits. As part of the selection process, ensure that you conduct a level of due diligence by focusing on data handling and security best practice. SaaS partners should be able to clearly articulate how they store and manage data, how the software service allows you to control, configure and manage the solution, and from a reliability standpoint - their uptime, disaster recovery and performance commitment."

Rafe Hart, VP Security, StarRez

Rafe Hart
Rafe is the VP Security for StarRez. He loves technology and working with people. He leads agile teams and projects of all sizes.

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