Three Ways To Increase Parcel Delivery Efficiencies

Here we look at three ways to make it easier to manage the increase in parcels being delivered to your housing community.
With so many residents now shopping online, there is an increase in deliveries for front desk staff to manage on a daily basis. Whilst social distancing rules start to relax globally, many still want contactless delivery operations to remain a key part of their processes. Here, we discuss three ways our community uses StarRez to handle this process more efficiently.

Creating contactless pick-ups at the front desk

Normally a resident would need to swipe an ID card so staff can locate their details in our portal, StarRez Web. Instead, you can configure their package notification email to include a barcode of their profile. When the resident arrives, using a scanner, you can scan their barcode on their phone. This will prompt the user if they would like to issue the package(s) in their name. This is an ideal solution as this can be a full contactless solution and all the resident needs are their phone to accept their package(s).

Prerequisites for this include:

  • Enable Barcode Swipe Scanning Devices and Signatures
  • Email Barcode for Check In

Dynamic List and Email Templates to send package notifications

To manage your staffing on the front desk, you can limit/control when package notifications are sent and can create a dynamic list of all entries who received pages for a given day. After you have received and entered all packages in StarRez Web, you can then send out the notification to this dynamic list. This allows you to adequately prepare a space/front desk for when you need to plan for larger numbers of residents to arrive. StarRez can provide a simple guide to set this up.

Using appointments for residents to choose their own pickup time

When a parcel arrives and you send out an email notification, you can require your residents to sign up for an appointment on PortalX. Many already use the system for contact tracing so know when residents are in the vicinity and can notify appropriately.

Recommendations for Appointments:

  1. Limit the number of appointments allowed in a specific interval.
  2. Add a rule to only notify the resident and display these appointments when a resident’s parcel has a status of “Received”.

We already have many customers adopting the above, including Cornell University.

“StarRez has made processing our packages much easier and has also increased the speed at which residents come to claim their packages.”

Brandi Smith-Berger, Associate Director of Conference and Event Services at Cornell University.

Elisha Ricketts
Elisha is our UK Community Relations Account Manager. She coordinates and strategises on new solutions or business processes.

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