How to build a brand that stands tall in a crowded market

Here are five ways to help you build a brand in a competitive marketplace and some key lessons in branded website design with Host Students.
2020 saw several large acquisitions and new investors enter the market, each with accelerated launch dates. With so many new providers competing for attention, now is the time to make yourself stand out. The answer is brand differentiation.‍ Here are five ways to help you build a brand in a competitive marketplace.

1. Share your uniqueness

A unique selling proposition (USP) is that special something that makes your business different from your competitors. Sharing your USP can be a beacon for your business, attracting new residents who are looking for the perfect match.

2. Bring the lifestyle

Residents want more than a place to live, they want a lifestyle. Use your website and social channels to highlight your community features that appeal most to your residents: fitness centers, coffee stations, and communal spaces.

3. Focus on health and well-being

When searching for accommodation, residents place their well-being and overall residential experience high on the priority list. Providing high-quality, fully resourced communal spaces and residential activities goes a long way to addressing your future residents’ social and emotional needs.

4. Be transparent and engaging

Potential residents want to see your full offering. Make sure your website is impactful and clearly positions your brand, offering and full services, not just the price of a room.

5. Lead with digital

As modern consumers, residents expect intuitive and embedded digital experiences. Meet these expectations by providing services such as 24/7 access to pay rent, online maintenance requests, easy payment options and a self-service resident portal to keep them connected to their community.

A lesson in branded website design

Host Students:

  1. Ensure website is uncomplicated and easy to navigate
  2. List each location with clear availability
  3. Your ‘about’ page should provide engaging testimonials from students highlighting their experiences
  4. News posts should reflect your student centricity and share everything from motivational tools to mental health support services
"Our Mission at Host is to offer the best student experience in our market. The experience we deliver is underpinned by operational and management excellence – supported by the latest technology. StarRez allows us to easily reflect our brand through PortalX and gives us the tools for an efficient and seamless booking process. It provides solutions for any eventuality in today’s market."

Jason Molyneux, Business Systems Manager

Nicky Ireland
Nicky is our Events and Marketing Manager based in the UK. An experienced marketing professional who revels in the challenges the fast paced SaaS industry bring


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