Blog Q&A: Simplify Workflows With Ellucian Ethos

Learn about the key benefits of this revolutionary solution with our new Ethos Certified integration with Banner and Colleague, suitable for Ellucian Customers.
The Ethos integration simplifies sending room assignments, meal plans, and resident transactions to Banner or Colleague from StarRez. The new integration method provides new customer features, better performance, and significant enhancements to ease of use and configuration. We interviewed Edmund Munday, our star Product Manager for the Ethos integration at StarRez, to provide insight into how this reimagines Banner and Colleague customers' integration experience.

StarRez and Ellucian have had a longstanding partnership. What makes the Ethos integration different?

The Ellucian Ethos integration suite is the first of a next-generation ecosystem of integrations and interfaces from StarRez. Built on top of some fantastic new technology from Microsoft Azure, we've been able to completely rethink how we do the integration to provide new capabilities, better performance, and significantly improved ease of use and configuration.

Some examples of these new capabilities are our new user-friendly export configuration wizard and the fact that the interfaces are now processed in real-time, rather than as scheduled batch runs. This change means that data changes in your StarRez system will be propagated out to the rest of your systems within seconds, and data will be consistent across your entire operation. This new real-time operation also has significant performance improvements. The system is no longer receiving queries to process large volumes of data in one big export every day, as would have been the case with older interfaces.

In scenarios where a large historical batch export of data is necessary, our new integration platform has been built on some exciting new technology from Azure. Some key benefits of Microsoft Azure include:

  • Allowing us to create thousands of instances of the interface on-demand.
  • Gives us the ability to have each instance process just one record while automatically closing all the extra capacity.
  • All done in a matter of seconds and completely automated.
  • It provides our customers with massive burst-capacity with no impact on system performance.

How user-friendly is the Ethos Integration?

The two primary goals of this new generation of solutions were 1) Real-Time export, and 2) User Experience.

Our design team completely reimagined what the process of configuring an export should be like, providing more configurability options while making the process simple and easier to understand.

Edmund Munday, Product Manager, StarRez

Each step of the setup process is logical and separated, clear instructions are provided at each step, and there are plenty of useful tooltips around the screen to help you find your way. Notably, users' communication now focuses as much on the "Why" as the "What." We believe it's essential for a user to understand why they're filling out forms and clicking buttons, not just which forms to fill out and which buttons to click. The integration makes the process easier to learn, more intuitive, and easier to fix if there are ever issues. The user then understands the end goal of each step, which makes it much easier to understand the problems that might emerge.

What’s next for the Ellucian Ethos suite?

We are working with the Ellucian Ethos team on standardizing the Bio/Demographic data import and associated fields to ensure accurate and real-time record change management. This will be finalized in the near future. Other than that, we have a massive amount of work happening in the space of "Integrations" and "Automations" more broadly, of which Ethos is a key component.

We have some really cool changes coming in this space, and Ethos will be part of this evolution. We're incredibly excited about what we have underway and can't wait to share it with the community, so stay tuned in the first half of 2021 for more information.

Additional highlights

Log history

Ethos logs can be viewed, sorted, and filtered for quick access to historical exports. Logs can also be exported to a CSV file.​

Interface modes

Test and Offline Production modes to ensure goals are achieved.​

Historical records export​

Often times assignments, meal plans, and transactions are created by the housing office before the Bursar is ready for this information. Ethos allows you to look at historical records to send when needed.

Darren Burrows
Darren is our Account Executive for the Americas. He enjoys helping residential communities provide a great resident and staff experience through technology.

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