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This blog will help our community better understand the importance of integrations, systems, and reporting.
Following a recent session with Advanced Venue Solutions, we wanted to share some of the current challenges we’ve observed in Higher Education and discuss how StarRez plays a major global role in driving successful residential communities within this sector. Whilst covering many topics and themes, one particular challenge was raised numerous times. In this article, we’re going to take a deep dive to help our community better understand the importance of integrations, systems, and reporting.

The challenge

"Poor integration of systems, leading to data duplication and margin of error"

Historically, and still is the case in some University environments, applications and data silos are abundant and it's evident there’s a long road ahead to realising the benefits of a strong integration strategy and cloud-based solution. This can have a huge impact on staff, operations, and ultimately the resident experience. Manual management of data across multiple related systems is both time consuming and often prone to human error. And more errors means less time focusing on delivering superior customer service needed to compete effectively in todays crowded marketplace.

We focused on our mature cloud offering, now on its 3rd generation, the StarRez Cloud is a proven solution that meets the needs of our Higher Education community. Going to the cloud doesn't mean you compromise on system integration; in fact, it offers opportunities to simplify and offload many of the IT and business headaches that often require more time and resources. We provide a number of options, a marketplace full of integrated partners, finance and billing solutions, Student Information Systems, Payment Gateways, and more.  We also believe it’s integral to empower our community with the freedom to choose and implement solutions so we offer a REST based API that allows institutions and partners to integrate with StarRez their own way.

Most Institutions require a digital garage full of tools that allow them to organise and automate integrations, saving them time and money. StarRez includes a number of data automation and orchestration tools to facilitate this, all integrated and easily available within the main web-based application. And the best part? You don’t need to be a software developer to use them. We are continually making investments into our data management and orchestration tools to drive our staff efficiencies and reduce operational costs.

During our session, we also discussed our Event Management Solution which uses the same core platform that our Higher Education solution uses. This is transformative for institutions creating a single workspace, one login, one set of dashboards, reporting tools, communication tools and holistic views of commercial and resident accommodation availability, occupancy, and more. Events and accommodation providers can become skilled in using common tools and an intuitive web-based environment to help them streamline their events and conferences throughout the year.

We know this only covers some of the challenges faced in Higher Education and welcome feedback for any other topics you would like us to cover. At StarRez, we are always keen to learn more about the problems you need to solve so we can provide you with the right solutions to meet your needs.

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Mark Stewart
Mark is our New Business Lead at StarRez with over 30 years experience in the Education sector. He is passionate about the use of technology to develop business


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