University of Plymouth Evolves Residence Life & Community to Better Manage Student Well-Being

Learn how the University of Plymouth was able to improve the user experience by transitioning to StarRez Cloud.
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Key Highlights


Student interactions recorded for further engagement.


Reduction in early school-leavers.


The team is better equipped to handle daily operational needs, leaving more time for student engagement.


The student experience is enhanced to allow for a more satisfactory time on campus.

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The University of Plymouth is a public research university based in Plymouth, England. The University also has affiliated campuses and colleges across South West England. Originally founded as the Plymouth School of Navigation in 1862, before becoming a University College in 1920 and a Polytechnic Institute in 1970, The University of Plymouth is now the 57th largest in the United Kingdom by total number of students, which is now over 18,500. Accommodations and Halls of Residence are provided in partnership with UPP, the UK's leading provider of on-campus residential and academic accommodation infrastructure.


Realising the vital need to improve and modernise their entire organisation, the University of Plymouth moved from our on-premise to our Cloud solution. The move resulted in improving the overall safety & well-being of students, more flexibility, and considerable improvements to their operations and user experiences.

A Swifter Response to Student Needs

The importance of universities feeling confident that student safety and well-being needs are met on all occasions is high on the agenda for all universities globally. They are facing unprecedented challenges and continually require doing more with less.

In response to this, the University of Plymouth is using StarRez to proactively address student safety and well-being by using our flexible StarRez Web forms and custom fields to capture resident well-being/welfare-related issues as they proactively arrive. Incident investigation time is a key KPI for the University, and they are now able to efficiently log the problem and alert the accommodation team to assess and investigate - anytime, anywhere, and on any device!

“I'm new to the University and have found it really easy to use the system. Each process is really straightforward and easy to navigate.”

Jordan, Resident Marketing Administrator - University of Plymouth

Empowering Everyone with Flexible Solutions

The University deployed StarRez to improve performance and overall student engagement. The system allows universities to add, edit, manage, and make their changes within the platform. The transition has resulted in a number of positive outcomes for both staff and students, including:

  • All interactions being recorded and tracked, resulting in a greater handle of student welfare by logging incidents and reviewing trends or issues.
  • Significant reductions in hours saved per week on administration staff time.
  • Better functionalities - flexible custom fields are available for student to adjust to their needs.
  • Allows for the University to manage and make their changes, where and when they want.
  • Multiple departments are now centralised into one platform - streamlining business operations.

The empowerment creates and drives huge efficiencies, assists in developing innovations, and reduces the total cost of ownership for the Accommodation solution.
The University is now confident that it is providing a secure and safe environment for its students and helps to attract, retain, and ultimately improve the student experience and outcomes.