Rider University leverages PortalX forms

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  • Streamline
    Processes internally, improving the student UX
  • Agile
    Collecting and collating multiple data points
  • Community
    Learn and share ideas with other system users
  • Flexibility
    Providing residents with preference choice
Rider University (RU) has been with StarRez since 2011; however, they recently migrated to PortalX in the summer of 2020, as additional resources were required to support their move-in and move-out periods during the pandemic. RU’s main reason for implementing PortalX was to make their portal a one-stop-shop for all student requirements.
“Reporting is significantly easier and more streamlined, no more google forms and no more pen & paper processes!”

Roberta Butler, Rider University – Associate Dean of Resident Life

RU is currently using six unique forms on their process, including an Express Check Out form, Express Check In form, Meal Plan Changes, Early Arrival and a Late Stay form.

“We have access to an amazing community throughout StarRez via the Facebook group, as well as StarCare Online, and we have been able to borrow lots of content from other customers. There is no need to recreate the wheel!”

Roberta Butler, Rider University – Associate Dean of Resident Life

Borrowing content and layouts is something that our community are happy to provide. Likewise, we provide our customers with various StarRez best practice guides to follow.  RU use magic link pages to restrict forms being available at specific times throughout the year. Understanding your full end to end business process is key for implementing forms. Deciding whether you are going to use a term selector or booking selector is key to your unique business processes.  For example, RU used both a term selector and a booking selector, as their business process allows their students to input a future request for a room change. This allows students the ability to plan where they may want to move rooms to ahead of time.

“We try to use drop down menus as much as possible throughout our forms to enable us to streamline the information that we are collecting.”

Roberta Butler, Rider University – Associate Dean of Resident Life

Confirming your form selections

This is an important step in the form process, as StarRez allows you to email students a copy of their selections. This means that the collected information is stored, as well as being confirmed back with the student to ensure there is no confusion ahead of time, and all their preferences are being captured and reported on.

System Information and Reports

Once a student has completed a form, the system enables you to send that information directly back to the resident life staff via report in the system. This enables staff to add details, make additional changes and actions requests off a student’s preferences. You can also use data subscriptions to notify students once changes have been made from their form requests.