PortalX in Action for Customers During COVID-19

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  • < 24 Hours
    To complete module implementation
  • Flexible
    Options to ensure social distancing
  • Enhanced
    Resident well-being & safety
  • Improved
    Overall customer experience
In a time of tension and complexity, where universities were moving everything online and campus communities dissolving, the University of West Georgia needed to establish an efficient move out process while practicing strict social distancing measures - all in a matter of days! The StarRez team partnered with West Georgia to create a solution that provided a critical technological component of this plan by providing a license for appointment timeslots.

Flexible & timely customer solutions

From the initial request to full integration, in less than 24 hours, StarRez installed, consulted, and trained the West Georgia team on the Appointments module. This module allowed residents to self-select move out times through PortalX.  By using this function, the University placed a limit on the number of residents who were on campus at any given time, ensuring social distancing measures were maintained during the emergency process.

Providing options to residents in a user-friendly way is a crucial initiative for the campus.  West Georgia was successfully able to achieve excellent resident service in a challenging time by collaborating with StarRez and quickly implementing their move out process in a safe and structured manner.

“PortalX is a life changing software suite.”

Andy Russell, Manager of Housing for Safety and Security

Powerful real-time reporting

Monitoring and tracking resident information in real-time were absolutely essential during this crisis. Andy Russell, Manager for Safety and Security, swiftly created a dashboard for senior leaders to show vital information. Andy explained, ‘This was the first move out that we needed to track on an hourly basis. We were reporting to the president’s and systems offices regularly on how many students were moving out and how the timeslots were going. The dashboard easily allowed anyone with access to get an instant overview of how our system and processes were taking place in real-time.’

“StarRez ticks all the boxes of confidence and responsibility, because it is a solution that can be adapted to suit your housing needs.”

Stephen Whitlock, Director of Housing & Residence Life

University of West Georgia is more confident than ever that their StarRez partnership provides a secure and safe environment for residents and helps to attract, retain, and ultimately improve the resident experience.