Multi-Site Property Management

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  • Streamlined
    Reports for individual sites and consolidated view
  • Efficiently
    Communicate to residents on application status, work orders, and payments received
  • Increased
    Speed to contract
  • Improved
    Overall resident experience
Campus Living Villages needed a streamlined, full-service, multi-site student property management solution for its 43,000 bed operation with locations in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Each site needed to retain its own branding, while providing the best experience to accelerate the timeline from application to final offer and contract.

Global residential housing

Campus Living Villages (CLV) is a global student accommodation provider with services in finance, design, development, project management, and operation of resident housing.

One single record of truth

By partnering with StarRez, CLV was able to provide a consolidated portal for each site, allowing residents to manage all aspects of their accommodation from initial application to final payment. Additionally, CLV was able to take advantage of the StarRez communications functionality, reporting, dashboards, and payment vendor integration - enabling them to increase resident engagement and improve speed to contract across their global sites.

” We chose StarRez as our accommodation software partner because they are as focused as we are on improving the student experience – from the moment they apply, to the day they leave. Our priority was making this a seamless service for residents. They are able to pay and manage many other aspects of their lives online, so why shouldn’t they be able to do the same for their accommodation. ”

Campus Living Villages

StarRez Solutions

  • Accommodation Management & Online Applications with Student Self-Service
  • Maintenance Work Order Management; Fast Check-In/Out; Housekeeping; Keys Management; and Inventory and Inspections
  • Integration with Payments, Background Check, and Credit Check