Goodbye Paper Trails. Hello Efficiency. Going Digital and All-in on Res-life.

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  • 40% Reduction
    in paper printed in two years
  • 10+ Systems
    Centralized into one platform
  • Enhanced
    Operational facilities across the board
  • Improved
    Easy-to-manage access for all
Our Resident Life solution makes it easy for communities to manage their day-to-day operations via one centralized platform. That means less time spent manually building and filing spreadsheets, and more time spent ensuring staff and residents get the most out of their on-campus experience.

Centralized student living in Downtown Chicago

With close proximity to all that Downtown Chicago has to offer, as well as stylish living spaces, amenities and study rooms that take student living to another level, University Center is the favored on campus housing facility for six Chicago universities. The year-round student housing complex, conference center, and summer intern and group accommodation facility features an abundance of retail stores and dining options, as well as private leasing. Managed by Peak Campus, University Center looks after housing, residential life, programming, conduct and more, making the need for an efficient, streamlined housing management platform all the more important.

From manual to modernized

Spreadsheets. Crashing computers. Paper waste and endless system training hours. Managing a multi-purpose facility with a large team of staff can be a logistics nightmare without a streamlined, digital platform to take the heat off. Six years ago, University Center began slowly making the switch to StarRez’s student housing software. Module by module, they saw training hours diminish, spreadsheets disappear, security measures strengthen, and their ten operational systems reduced to just one centralized platform.

"We used to do housing assignments, meal plans, billing, and everything through Excel. For me, it’s become way more efficient having everything streamlined into one system. Data import has saved me hours and hours of entering resident’s info."

Tanisha Prentice, Residence Education and Housing Services Coordinator

All-efficient. All-accessible. All-in.

Fast forward to today: University Center has been all-in on StarRez for two years and counting. Having purchased every module available to streamline their day-to-day and improve operational efficiencies, University Center staff say not a day goes by that they’re not making use of every single one. StarRez has made it easy for UC to track their residents, manage conduct, view updates in real-time and gain control over their information access sharing abilities. All with a 40% reduction in paper waste since they took the leap two years ago. They’ve saved hours on their data imports, reporting requirements and training sessions and say their efficiency is the best it’s ever been. Their only regret? That they didn’t go all-in from the start.

“Go all in from the beginning. If it is in your budget, 100% go for it. Even if it is outside of your budget, you will save in so many other areas.”

Brooke Lopeman, Executive Director