Ellucian Colleague Housing Integration

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Based on a collaborative partnership between Ellucian, StarRez, and our mutual customers, the Colleague Housing API will open the door to many institutions in need of efficient data transfer for housing and residence life information. Now you can easily configure housing data integration with Colleague by Ellucian.
"You cannot underestimate the power of two companies working closely together on a common goal. After hearing that integration was a pain point for many customers, both StarRez and Ellucian collaborated to standardize the interfaces. The APIs will only make mutual customers happy and that is huge."

Mitzi Steele, Roanoke College


  • Create a standardized integration between StarRez and Colleague that can be used by any mutual customer.
  • Automate data between systems in near real-time.
  • Accurately bill students for room assignments and meal plans in Colleague based on information exported from StarRez to Colleague.
  • Maintain current, established StarRez business rules and practices while still moving forward with the new integration.


  • Efficiently integrated two established software systems to ease the issues surrounding passing housing, meal plan, and financial data from StarRez to Colleague.
  • Created standardized APIs, which allow for a near real time data transfer instead of flat files.
  • Improved the accuracy of billing by exporting consistent data, which in turn led to a happier Accounts Receivables office.
  • Reduced the downtime and issues surrounding an upgrade of either software.
  • Continued to provide a superior online student experience while also reducing the behind the scenes issues of transferring student data between two systems.


  • Housing Management & Online Applications with Student Self-Service
  • Inventory & Inspections with Mobile; Fast Check In/Out; Front Desk Keys
    Management; and Housekeeping
  • Integration with Colleague by Ellucian