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With over 750 customers worldwide, StarRez offers the most comprehensive housing solution on the market, and is the market leader in providing housing software solutions to universities and colleges around the world.  StarRez has unmatched experience with university, college, and private property manager housing and conference operations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and the Middle East.  Our experience, resources, proven product solutions, and active customer community ensure customer success now and in the future.

Helping Our Customers Innovate

Helping Our Customers Innovate

Investing in our software ensures that you have a solution that is continually developed to keep pace with your business requirements and emerging technology. We take advantage of new technologies and work in collaboration with our technology partners and our customers to keep you ahead of the curve and enable you to offer the highest service levels to your customers.
StarRez is very fortunate to have an open and innovative group of student housing software customers. Our focus is on customer success and our product development and evolution is driven based on the needs of our customers. StarRez actively promotes and supports our customer community through Annual User Conferences, attendance and support of Regional, National, and International conferences and associations such as: ACUHO, ASRA, CUBO, NASPA, ACCED-I, AAHUCHI, AACUHO, NACAS, and others, as well as, partner events including: Ellucian, PeopleSoft/Oracle, and Jenzabar.

Customer Advisory Board

Customer Advisory Board

The StarRez Advisory Board (SABO) is comprised of a diverse group of volunteer customer representatives from a range of geographic regions, institution sizes, and functional positions. SABO Board members meet regularly to discuss customer-centric topics and provide direct feedback to StarRez. SABO Board Members represent Baylor University, Sacramento State, Chapman University, iglu Student Accommodation, iQ Student Accommodation, McMaster University, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Delaware, University of Tasmania, Virginia Tech, Yale University.
StarRez Connect - Worldwide Events

StarRez Connect - Worldwide Events

Join us for our Worldwide Events including: StarRez Connect Global, Europe, and APAC. These events are great opportunities to network with other StarRez customers, attend best practice and learning sessions, schedule support and services sessions, have lots of fun, and help drive the StarRez product strategy for the future. For more information and to register, please see our StarRez Connect schedule below.
Customer Support & Resources

Customer Support & Resources

StarRez has developed a range of customer service and support resources. You can call us, email us, log a job, or access our wealth of online customer resources at any time including: training videos, documentation, report samples, forums, schedule your upgrades and so much more online. Log on with your customer credentials.

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At StarRez, we work hard, we play hard, and we pride ourselves on the effort we put into the wider community. We maintain ongoing partnerships with charities across the globe as well as contributing to various charitable organisations closer to home.


Children’s Fortress Africa

Children’s Fortress Africa is based in Kenya and was founded in 2013 by one of our very own, Ben Hay, together with his wife, Irene. Children’s Fortress Africa provides support for disadvantaged children in Kenya by covering their school fees as well as other work in the community. StarRez is proud to have donated to the charity since it began through our Ben Hay 1000 Club, as well as helping to establish a basketball court and a shipping container library.




Asylum Seekers Resource Centre

Asylum Seekers Resource Centre provides support for those seeking asylum in Australia. StarRez was proud to be able to volunteer at their Harvest of Hope Community Garden in Clarinda and the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in Footscray. After StarRez staff learned about how much the organisation relies on businesses and the public for donations, we began a food and essential items collection for the ASRC.




Pink Ribbon

Pink Ribbon provides vital support, research and prevention programs for breast and gynecological cancers. StarRez is pleased to have held annual bake sales to raise funds for the cause.





StarRez Digital Conference Connect 2020 - Register | InfoOctober 21-22, 2020
NWACUHOFebruary, 2020Bellevue, WA
Campus Connect (NAA)February, 2020New Orleans, LA
SWACUHOFebruary, 2020Sugarland, TX
ASCAFebruary, 2020Crystal City, VA
SEAHOFebruary, 2020Louisville, KY
ACPAMarch, 2020Nashville, TN
ACCED-IMarch, 2020Providence, RI
WACUHOMarch, 2020Oakland, CA
AllianceMarch, 2020Philadelphia, PA
APSAA - StarRez ConferenceMay 11-14, 2020Adelaide