Mobile App and Fast Check-in

Access resident information from an iOS or Android device anywhere in the world and quickly perform room check-in and
check-out via the StarRez Mobile App.


Mobile Directory

Mobile Directory

  • Easily Search for Residents
  • Capture & Store Resident Photos
  • Perform Fast Check-In/Out
  • Customize Resident Detail View
  • ID Card Integration – Barcode, QR, Mag
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  • Search for a resident by ID number, name, or room assignment.
  • Easily search for and find residents by suite.
  • Launch your device’s camera directly from the app to capture resident photos.
  • Scan or swipe ID cards to quickly check-in and checkout residents.
  • Customize the residential detail view accessible by users.
  • Control who is allowed to access and update information with granular system security.


    • Easily access resident information while on rounds, in a meeting, or responding to a crisis.
    • Prior to engaging residents during a conduct situation, look up the occupants of a suite and room.
    • Replace your paper check-in and check-out processes with a mobile app. No more spreadsheets and
      highlighters; check residents in or out with the click of a button or the quick scan/swipe of an ID card.
    • Control who can check residents in or out and add notes to accounts with system security.
    • Eliminate the cumbersome process of taking student photos with a digital camera, transferring them to your computer, and storing them on a local network drive. Instead, snap a resident’s photo from your mobile
      device at check-in, upload it instantly to StarRez where it can be viewed from your StarRez administrative client.


Barnard College USATransitioning From In-Person to Online Room Selection at Barnard CollegeBeds 3,000 +
SIS: Ellucian Colleague
University Center Chicago USAProviding an Event's Solution to Strengthen & Enhance Customer ExperienceBeds 1,700 +
Cornell UniversityUSAManaging Their Flood of On Campus Packages With StarRezBeds: 7,500
SIS: PeopleSoft
University of OregonUSAOnline Room Self-Selection Improves Critical First Year Student SatisfactionBeds: 6,800
SIS: Ellucian Banner
Loyola Marymount UniversityUSADelight and Retain Summer Clients with a Fully Integrated Event Management SolutionBeds: 3,200
SIS: Banner
Grand Canyon UniversityUSAMessaging Makeover: Getting Through to Today’s StudentsBeds: 13,150
SIS: CampusVue
Cedar PointUSAStreamlining Staff Housing Operations with Real-Time DataBeds: 3,300
Coastal Carolina UniversityUSAImproved Planning for — and Communication During — Hurricane EvacuationsBeds: 4,600
SIS: Colleague
University of Colorado Colorado SpringsUSAResidential Curriculum Model Enhances Student Engagement and LearningBeds: 1,750
SIS: Peoplesoft
Georgia College & State UniversityUSASaving Students After a Disaster - Implementing an On-Campus Renters Insurance ProgramBeds: 2,250
SIS: Ellucian - Banner
Binghamton University

USAManaging Gender Neutral HousingBeds: 7,400
SIS: Banner
Rochester Institute of Technology

USAProviding Mobile Technology for StaffBeds: 8,600
SIS: PeopleSoft
Baylor University

USAStudent Housing Move-InBeds: 5,200
SIS: Banner
Campus Living Villages

USA, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand Multi-site Property ManagementBeds: 43,000
Montana State University BozemanUSALeveraging Apple with StarRezBeds: 4,000
SIS: Ellucian - Banner
University of Birmingham

United KingdomFast Checkin, E-Induction, Arrival TimeslotsSIS: Banner
Beds: 5,000
University of Delaware

USAManaging Early ArrivalsSIS: PeopleSoft
Beds: 7,000
Roanoke College

USAEllucian Colleague Integration APIBeds: 1,250
SIS: Colleague by Ellucian
University of Washington BothellUSALeveraging the StarRez Fully Managed CloudBeds: 275
SIS: In-house
University of North Carolina Chapel HillUSAQuickly Implementing a New Housing SolutionBeds: 8,500
SIS: PeopleSoft
New York UniversityUSAManaging an Ever Changing Global CampusBeds: 13,000
SIS: PeopleSoft
Johnson & Wales University USAOnline Room & Roommate Selection for All StudentsBeds: 6,500
SIS: Ellucian Banner
Deakin UniversityAustraliaImproving Efficiency with StarRez Mobile DeploymentBeds: 1,400
SIS: Mainframe
University of WestminsterUnited KingdomImplementing a Fully Integrated Accommodation SystemBeds: 1,500
Central Michigan UniversityUSADelivering a Large-scale Self-Service Housing SolutionBeds: 8,500
University of San DiegoUSAImproving Resident Satisfaction and RetentionBeds: 2,000
SIS: Ellucian Banner