Student Package and Mail Tracking Software

Efficiently Manage Packages

Efficiently Manage Packages

Streamline your Package Tracking process including: receiving, issuing, scanning, forwarding, and tracking resident packages.

  • Barcode Scanning
  • Resident Signatures
  • Swipe Card Enabled
  • Carrier Tracking Numbers
  • Efficient Reporting
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  • Packages are easily received via a scan of the package’s existing barcode or through quick data entry.
  • When a resident arrives to pick up a package, a quick swipe or scan of an ID will indicate how many packages need to be issued to the student.
  • For packages that are not retrieved by a student, forwarding and return tracking are available.
  • Upon being issued a package, the student can be prompted to provide a signature.
  • Reports and dashboard panels are available for tracking the overall package process.
  • Custom fields allow for configurable processes.


  • Efficiently receive hundreds of packages each day via a scan of the package’s barcode or via quick data entry.
  • Notify students that a package is available for pick up as it is received or in bulk upon the completion of the receiving process.
  • Automate reminders for outstanding packages and configure additional notifications for students with perishable or express delivery items.
  • Quickly verify a student’s identity and record a signature and when issuing a package.
  • Manage multiple package pick-up locations through the use of configurable dropdowns, which can be updated in bulk when packages are transferred.
  • Easily monitor the status of all packages via reports and charts with the StarRez dashboard.
  • Compile historic and current package data via StarRez’s powerful report generator on the number of packages processed, types of packages received, average pick-up time and more.


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